South East Asia is a land resplendent in natural beauty. In Vietnam, the highest concentration can be found among the northern mountains, with trekking in the valleys or Sa Pa or exploring the country’s “final frontier” in Ha Giang among the most popular and stunning options. Ban Gioc waterfall, the 4th largest border waterfall in the world, is a dramatic site, and not too far away in Ba Be national park, beautiful views of Vietnam’s largest freshwater lake can be enjoyed.
Ha Long Bay, being the most famous natural site in Vietnam, and considered by many as one of the “Natural Wonders of the World” cannot be missed for nature-minded travellers. Further south in the country, Da Lat is a charming hill town surrounded by spectacular scenery just waiting to be discovered.
In Laos, the humongous caves and roaring waterfalls scattered around the many National Parks of the country steal the show. Especially good trekking can be had both in the northern mountains, with Nong Khiaw or Luang Namtha as natural bases, and on the Bolaven Plateau further south. A ride along the Mekong in a slow-going riverboat is also a great way to take in the views along the mighty river.
While Cambodia doesn’t have the same staggering amount of preserved nature, there are still some trekking locations worth a visit. Namely among the eastern hills in the Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri provinces and in the lowlands around Kampong Chhnang, arguably the best preserved natural reserve in the country.
Over in Thailand, it’s again the north that contains most of the nature attractions. Chiang Mai is considered the trekking capital of Thailand, but smaller towns like Chiang Rai, Pai and Mae Hong Son are great alternatives should you wish to avoid the big city. For more aquatic based nature, head down to the Ko Samui archipelago, and participate in one of the many activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and trekking into the jungle covered interior of the islands.
No matter what country in Indochina you visit, a bounty of untouched nature and stunning wildlife awaits you.

The Best National Parks in Vietnam

From enormous caves to serene lakesides to stunning mountains and vibrant wildlife, the national parks of Vietnam has a wide array of nature sights and activities for your guests to partake in. Starting in the north with Ba Be National Park, this stunning area is centred on Ba Be Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in the country.

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Natural Wonders in Northwest Vietnam

The Northwestern part of Vietnam is among the most rugged and remote parts of the country. Here giant peaks covered in lush forests soar majestically, forming deep and picturesque valleys that roads meander through. A convenient tour of all the natural wonders located here can be done with Hanoi as the natural start and end point.

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Ha Long Bay & Cat Ba Island, the Pearls of the North Vietnamese Coast

As far as unique nature sights go, there’s not much anywhere that can top the alien beauty of Ha Long Bay. While the Bay itself is by far the most famous attraction here, the nearby island of Cat Ba is also a great spot to spend some time for groups wanting to explore the nature of the Northern Vietnamese coast.

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Trekking and Nature in Northern Laos

Like in neighbouring Vietnam and Thailand, it’s in the northern reaches of its lands that you can find the most spectacular nature experiences in Laos. Kuangsi Waterfall is the highlight for many, as it’s an absolutely amazing series of waterfalls with cascading turquoise waters and beautiful pools excellent for swimming.

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Best Nature Experiences in the Mekong Delta

In the past decades, the nature of the Mekong Delta region has suffered heavily due to development for agriculture and industry. No longer the natural paradise it once was, it nonetheless contains some small islands of natural serenity amidst the sea of human activity now present here.

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Trekking and Nature in Northern Thailand

Few places in the world can compete with the mountains and hills of Northern Thailand when it comes to natural splendour and trekking opportunities. The Northern capital of Chiang Mai has long been known as the trekking capital of the country, and with 13 national parks in the province itself, and many more in the neighbouring provinces, it’s easy to see why.

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Ban Gioc, Vietnam’s Most Beautiful Waterfall

There are so many amazing natural wonders in Northern Vietnam that it can be hard to fit it all in one, or even several trips. However, Ban Gioc Waterfall is an absolute must-see for any group even remotely interested in experiencing the natural beauty that the region has to offer

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Amazing Nature in Vietnam’s Final Frontier

Ha Giang represents the best Vietnam has to offer in terms of serene untouched natural landscapes. Here in the country’s final frontier, nature loving travellers arrive wanting to travel the famous “Ha Giang Loop”, either on their own with a motorcycle, or a guided trip with a car and driver.

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Nature and Trekking on the Bolaven Plateau

The Bolaven Plateau is the crown jewel of Southern Laos nature. Turned into an agricultural powerhouse during the colonial period, it was of vital strategic importance during the Indochina wars, and the on-going problems with unexploded ordnances reflect this

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