With its Buddhist heritage, South East Asia is a haven for emotional and physical wellness. Spend some time in a wellness resort in Da Nang or Nha Trang on the Vietnamese coast, or participate in yoga classes and guided meditation in Hoi An. For those wishing to cleanse and unwind, a mountain detox resort in Da Lat is a fantastic option, while resorts up in Sa Pa provide an opportunity to disconnect from the stress of the outside world, with no internet available. For a spiritual wellness experience, stay in a Zen House in Hue and let the calmness wash over you.
Unsurprisingly, meditation retreats can be found anywhere in devoutly Buddhist Thailand, but in this respect, Chiang Mai is the clear standout. Here you have a wealth of options to choose from, letting you commit to anything from a day or two to weeks or even months spent in silent meditation. For many the experience is challenging at first, but once you’ve adjusted, the silent contemplation does marvels for your mental well-being.
In Cambodia, rural yoga retreats in Kep or outside Siem Reap allows deep contemplation surrounded by magnificent scenery.
Food all over Asia also greatly promotes wellness, with meals consisting of healthy ingredients freshly acquired. Far from the processed food many are used to, the cuisine will reinvigorate you with its delicious flavours and hearty ingredients.
Whether you’re searching for wellness of the body or the mind, South East Asia is a great place to disconnect from the stresses and hardships of life, and allow yourself some healing and rest.

Best Wellness Retreats along the Vietnamese Central Coast

The Central Coast of Vietnam is a beautiful place, perfect for relaxing and restoring mental and physical health by being pampered and tended to in luxurious wellness retreats. When planning a tour designed to relieve stress and make people forget about their daily grind, there is no better place than a package including stays at one of these excellent wellness resorts in Da Nang, Lang Co and Hoi An.

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Best Vegetarian Food in Southeast Asia

Travelling as a vegetarian can be hard, and vegetarians and vegans can often be faced with temporarily abandoning their lifestyle while abroad, or being relegated to eating plain and boring food. Luckily this couldn’t be further from the truth in Southeast Asia. Due to its long Buddhist heritage, it’s much easier to find delicious vegetarian and vegan meals than almost anywhere else, though there are a few things to watch out for.

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Meditation in Chiang Mai

Meditation means a lot of different things to different people. For some, it’s a way to banish the stress of daily life, for others it’s a quest for inner peace and understand and for others yet it’s a way to come to terms with and understand ones subconscious

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Relax in a Zen House in Hue

For many, the purpose of a vacation is to reset your mind and recharge your batteries, rather than cramming in activities and sights. While this inner peace is highly individual and each person may have their own preference for how to reach it, we believe that one of the best ways is through a visit to the Zen House in Hue.

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Disconnecting From the Outside World in Sa Pa

Due to the ever-encroaching nature of social media and digital devices, many people in this day and age feel an intense need to escape their constant presence and disconnect for a while. As this practice of “disconnecting” has grown rapidly in popularity, there are many places to do so, but in our opinion, none are better than the beautiful valleys of Sa Pa.

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Best Yoga Retreats in Cambodia

Yoga is an excellent way to reclaim some peace of mind, recover from stress, pursue enlightenment and inner peace, or simply keeping yourself in good physical, mental and spiritual health. Cambodia offers a wealth of options for yoga and wellness, sure to leave any traveller with a lasting sensation of peace and health.

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