Environmental responsibility

As the world becomes more populated, the need for conscious environmental responsibility and conservation initiatives grows ever more important. This is especially true in underdeveloped and rural areas that receive a heavy load of tourism, such as the Northern reaches of Vietnam.

Environmental Responsibility
Our Team at Trusted DMC.

As such, TrustedDMC is intensely dedicated to ensuring the environmental health and sustainability in the areas that we take our guests to. We run several initiatives that support and educate the locals in the importance of protecting the environment, as well as techniques for doing so most effectively. We also take care to inform our guests of the importance of respecting the nature and environments that they visit.

Mr Linh, as a nature-lover, has spent much time protecting and cleaning up the environment around Ba Be Lake especially, with many a day out on the lake or in the forest collecting trash. As the area becomes a more popular tourist destination, littering becomes an increasingly serious problem, which Linh and TrustedDMC is committed to handling and preventing.

We also organize events every year for World Environment Day (June 5th), bringing together local people and travel companies from all over the globe to create positive spill-over effects for the environment.

Environmental Responsibility
Cleaning up and collecting trash, in order to keep the environment pristine.

Protecting the diversity of the forest is also of vital importance. Trees often form the foundation species in a forest ecosystem (meaning the species that the rest of the forest relies on) and as such irresponsible logging activities can devastate an ecosystem. Our training and support of the locals ensures that they log responsibly, thus protecting the biodiversity of the amazing forests around Ba Be Lake, where a myriad of tree species make their home.

This biodiversity is crucial, as monocultures can and have been devastating for environments all over the world. Studies have also shown that trees in diverse forests grow taller and faster, store more carbon, and suffer fewer pests. Famous examples of the devastating impact that monocultures can have include the North American Elm and the Gros Michel Banana, now both virtually extinct in many areas where they once thrived, an outcome we are determined to prevent in Ba Be National Park and Vietnam in general.

Environmental Responsibility
Taking away the trash to be responsibly disposed of.

Of course, the environment isn’t just flora, but fauna too. There are unfortunately many animal tourism experiences that do not care for the creatures in their charge, seeing them only as a way to make money. This is a practice TrustedDMC does not take part in, and any animal based activities or experiences we organize are centred on ethical and humane treatment of our animal friends, whether they are birds, monkeys or mighty elephants.

At the end of the day, environmental responsibility requires action and consideration from all parties involved in the tourism industry, and TrustedDMC consider it our duty to educate, inform and support both locals and visitors in how best to experience the beautiful nature, while still preserving and protecting it for the future.

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