Trends that will shape MICE tourism in Vietnam in 2024

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2024 MICE Tourism Trends in Vietnam - Photo : Mr Linh's adventures

Flashback on 2023

Vietnamese tourism year reached a new peak in 2023, reaching more than 18 million foreign visitors, an increase of 130% compared to 2022. The growth is due to a variety of factors, including the reopening of Vietnam’s borders, the lifting of post-COVID travel restrictions and strong global demand for travel.
Vietnam’s main tourist destinations in 2023 were Ha Long Bay, Ha Noi City (the capital), Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc Island. Those destinations offer a combination of natural beauty, rich culture and varied activities, making them attractive to tourists from all over the world.

Vietnam MICE tourism recap in 2023

MICE tourism in Vietnam (and Indochina) experienced a strong recovery in 2023, with 150% growth compared to 2022. Growth is amplified by the strong demand for global business travel, which was mentioned earlier.
In 2023, China, South Korea, Japan and the United States were Vietnam’s main MICE tourism emitting markets. These markets all experienced strong growth in 2023 and represent a significant share of global business travel demand.

General trends for 2024

Based on 2023 trends and future projections, the following trends are expected to shape Vietnamese tourism in 2024.

Sustainable tourism

Vietnam is no exception to the global trend of sustainable tourism.
Vietnam is developing a growing number of eco-friendly resorts, offering experiences like kayaking through mangrove forests, volunteering in wildlife conservation projects or learning traditional farming techniques as travellers increasingly seek to minimize their environmental impact on the destinations they visit. In addition, the Land of the Blue Dragon tourism sector is adapting to this trend by adopting ecological practices such as the use of sustainable materials, waste reduction, facilitating access to local food and cultural immersion, and promoting education on sustainable development.
With its relatively long tradition of sustainability, Vietnam is well positioned to meet this growing demand.

Vietnamese tourism is growing rapidly - Photo : Mr Linh's adventures

Event tourism

Another growing trend is event tourism, which involves visiting a destination to attend a particular event, such as a festival, concert or sports competition. Vietnam hosted many important international events in 2023 :
Vietnam hosted the 13th East Asia Summit in Hanoi on 8-9 November, bringing together the leaders of the 10 ASEAN member countries and their dialogue partners. Vietnam also hosted the World Economic Forum on ASEAN from 21 to 23 September in Ho Chi Minh City, under the theme “Reinventing ASEAN in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. And finally, we remember that Vietnam celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with France on April 12, with a series of cultural, artistic and educational activities in both countries.
By offering event-friendly tourism packages, Vietnamese tourism businesses can adapt to this trend.

Bleisure Travel

Under this neologism lies the concept of combining business travel with leisure activities such as exploring historical sites, enjoying spa treatment programs or participating in adventure sports.
To meet this trend, more and more hotels and residences offer bleisure packages with flexible workspaces.

Niche tourism

Niche tourism is a form of tourism that focuses on a particular interest or activity, such as culinary tourism, health tourism or adventure tourism. Visiting historical sites, practicing water sports or discovering Vietnamese cuisine are some of Vietnam’s many specialized tourism options.
Vietnamese tourism companies in this sector are also adapting to this trend by offering products and services tailored to the unique interests of tourists.
Off-Beaten-Track tourism : It is worth noting facilities for places away from the usual roads, such as the Ba Be National Park, Cat Ba and the Central Highlands. From caving in Ba Be National Park to kitesurfing along Mui Ne Beach, to hiking through the Hoan Lien Son Mountains, Vietnam offers a wide range of activities for thrill seekers.
Then there are those that are more focused on culinary experiences, responding to the tendency of travelers to try regional specialties like Cao Lau in Hoi An, Bun Cha in Hanoi and Nom Hoa Sua (a kind of jellyfish salad) in the Mekong Delta. Cooking classes and food tours are other fun ways to learn about the local popular culture.
To promote the well-being of participants, yoga/wellness retreats, meditation workshops and healthy meals will alternate with conference schedules, which will be classified in niche tourism and monitored in 2024. It is undeniable that business travelers increasingly enjoy wellness and spa stays.
And finally, luxury travel, especially in Vietnam, which has become a popular destination for people looking for luxurious, even very luxurious tours, with stays in multi-star resorts, lunches in Michelin-starred restaurants and personalized tours.

Vietnam is no exception to the global trend of sustainable tourism - Photo : Mr Linh's adventures

Specific trends that should shape MICE tourism in Vietnam in 2024

Further growth of MICE tourism in Asia

In terms of MICE tourism, Asia is the most dynamic region in the world, and this trend is expected to continue in 2024. Emerging markets such as India, Indonesia and Malaysia are expected to experience particularly rapid growth.

The rise of sustainable MICE tourism

Business travelers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their trips, so they are looking for environmentally friendly destinations and events as the trend is global. Tourism businesses in the region should align more closely with this trend by implementing sustainable practices.

Customization of events and meetings

It has been observed that increasingly demanding business travelers are looking for personalized events and meetings that meet their unique needs. There is this tendency to move away from standard packages to focus on personalized experiences that meet customers' unique needs and preferences. Personalized MICE programs also include cultural elements, team building activities and unique culinary experiences. Tourism businesses in the region should adapt to this trend by offering goods and services tailored to the specific needs of customers.

Conclusion – MICE tourism in Vietnam in 2024

Vietnamese MICE tourism is growing rapidly, and it is very likely that this trend will continue in 2024. Vietnamese DMC/MICE that adopt sustainable practices, offer event-tailored tourism packages and develop products and services tailored to the unique interests of tourists will be well positioned to succeed in this rapidly expanding market.

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